This post is about how to make software piracy free world. I really want to write about this post is to make awareness on Software Piracy since it is illegal, that most people are unaware about it

What is Software Piracy?

Illegal usage, copy, distribute software without ownership or legal rights. So If we are using a paid software product without purchasing it means we are using it Illegally, the good thing is it does not hurt any person directly. There is no such a strict rules on pirated software usage on most of the countries. Most of us are still using pirated software even without aware that it is illegal.

There are Three options in our hand:

  1. Let us continue with Microsoft Windows by purchasing licence from Online for cheap price
  2. Once they are ready to buy software and gonna spend huge amount, they can consider Apples Mac Desktop or Laptop.
  3. Best way is Linux obviously.

Why should we move towards Linux?

Now Linux has evolved a lot. It is not how, what we know Linux was 5 or 10 years before. It is more powerful now than Windows or Mac. People those who started to use Linux will love a lot. And It is FREE

Linux Beginners may face problem like which software should be used for particular task. On windows we are very familiar with the softwares. For example to do Document processing, Presentations, Spreed sheet works we use Microsoft Office, for images most people use Adobe Photoshop, for movies & songs we use VLC Media Player. The same software we can find by maximum 5 minute of Google search. 

Let us stop this cheep activity of using pirated software. And let us enjoy pirate free software and make everyone feel good.